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Question No. 1

A customer is monitoring the Work Assignment (WA) PU log files to troubleshoot an issue with the Avaya Oceana Agent Workspaces and receive the following log messages:

Log File: wa-wae-pu-*.log

09-20 11:41:29, 855 [wa-engine-thread ] INFO WaeEventMapper – [.]

[M:processInboundEvent (ResourceStateEvent) ] [T:].

Resource state change for ResourceStateEvent

[triggeringWorkId=00002000521474393284, state=NOT_READY,
nativeResourceID=6006800,sourceId=e_CM_1, channel=Voice, accountId=6006800,
workLimit=1, activeWorkCount=0] successfully processed

What is the current status of the Agent Workspaces?

Choose the correct option from the given list.
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